Acid Atom Maduro Review

The HypePatiently awaiting the soft flicker of flame from you. Ringed in shimmering gold, ACID holistic cigars are a worthy tribute to all that is refined and elegant in life. Every Atom Maduro is a carefully measured, distinct blend of the finest cigar tobaccos touched with the softest kiss of our most secret herbal infusions. These are the acid cigars of choice for the epicurean palate and soul.”

The Review:

After the c-note fiasco, I was not excited at all about violating my pie-hole with another acid product. I called around and after finding comfort from my  friends, I grabbed a Guinness lit the Atom and relaxed on the deck…

What a pleasant surprise, the atom maduro lit easily and drew effortlessly producing copius quantities of white aromatic smoke. The Dominican maduro wrapper was a mellow compliment to the filler and the “infusion” was very subtle. The aromatic smoke enveloped me in a dreamy haze as I spent the next hour savoring every inch of the dark robusto. I smoked it almost to the nub when it started to become harsh and overheat. After letting it rest for about 3 minutes I drew again and enjoyed a pleasant peppery finish. I’ll definitely be adding a box of these to the humidor.

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  • Abe says:

    I like the acid cigars by Drew Estate. They never disappointed me and their price is not too high. I prefer the acid kuba kuba the most.

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