Acid C-note Review

The HypeAcid C-note cigars are handmade cigarillos ‘developed to raise a lot of eyebrows in a mere 20 minutes’. Rolled inside delicately spicy Sumatra wrappers, the smoke is mild to medium bodied and presented in 20 baggies, each with 5 cigarillos, for a total of 100 great-tasting little smokes!

The Review:

I took the day off today, so after breakfast I dug further into the Acid sampler tin and discovered a little bag of five twig-looking cigarillos  labeled  “c-note”. The little cigarillos are about 5″ long and about 25 ring gauge in diameter. They smelled interesting and I though “what the hell” and lit one up. What the hell indeed….this little stick must be the vilest monster that I’ve ever tried. There is so much sugar on the thing that I watched it boiling off in spots at the tip! The c-note did raise my eyebrows – in disgust! The smoke was excessively hot and harsh, it was decidedly unpleasant. My mouth actually felt like it had been burned after about three puffs.

The only redeeming quality this cigarillo had for me was that the smoke actually smelled good, reminiscent of a Belgian waffle-house; coffee, confectionery,  and good cigar smoke.

NEVER AGAIN! – These vile twigs are not welcome in my humidor.

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