Acid “Nasty” Review

The Hype – “Now that you have tried the rest, it is time to try the best. Be prepared to experience a heavenly feeling when you inhale the first puff of Acid Nasty. Drew estate are famous all over the world for their premium quality herbal & floral flavored cigars, but this one is really the best of the lot. Unlike others whose promises end before they start, Acid Nancy keeps up with its promise of consistency till the last puff. In fact you will feel sorry when the experience ends. The oily wrapper sheathing the cigar assures that its original flavor remains intact and you will find it out the moment you take the first puff. The rose scented rich blue smoke has a hint of cocoa in just the correct proportions to make all the difference the way you enjoy a smoke. Prepare yourself for a heavenly feeling with an Acid Nasty.”

The Review – I ordered an Acid Sampler Box from my local tobacconist, and it arrived today. The picture on the box didn’t give me any hope at all, some long-haired hippie leaning against his bike…hardly the image I expect of a cigar smoker, but maybe I’m just showing my age. I opened the tin and was assailed by numerous strange odors, somewhat reminiscent of a bordello in Morocco – earthy, musty, floral, patchouli, rosewater, cinnamon and who the hell knows what else. Not a good start at all~ I disgorged the contents of the box and wondered where to start…I was immediately drawn to the “Nasty” with its odd shape. It tapers down from approx 64 ring to about 20 ring in a pyramid shape. The dark wrapper smelled good and it didn’t seem to have that teeny-bopper aroma the the others in the box had.

The covered foot lit very well and I toasted through it to warm the filler. First draw was quite effortless and the smoke was very pleasant. This particular wrapper has hints of dark chocolate and a definite sweetness to it. Burn was uniform and it ashed a blue/gray color that kept the smoke temperature uniform. It took me approx 45 minutes to work my way through this while sipping on iced filtered water from my new Enhanced water filtration system installed by my friend Greg and his associates in Utah. I’ve always enjoyed talisker and other fine spirits with my cigars, but I’m learning that filtered water cleanses the palate and definitely enhances the flavor of a cigar.

The Nasty definitely doesn’t live up to its name, there is no nastiness here; just a pleasant, earthy flavor, somewhat primitive but not too harsh. I enjoyed the shape of this stick, the “rough” construction made me feel more connected to the tobacco and I could imagine sitting on the verandah of a plantation in the Dominican enjoying one of these and watching the sun go down. Very pleasant indeed.


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