CAO Brazilia Review

The Hype – “CAO Gol! cigars present a big, beefy and bold blend of Nicaraguan tobaccos rolled into dark, juicy Brazilian wrappers with an oily texture that’s so tempting you want to bite right down on ’em. The smoke captivates and teases the palate with notes of cedar, exotic spices, and an enticing aroma.”

The Review – I’ve had a 5-pack of CAO Brazilia Gol cigars in the humidor for the last 6 months and it was time to try this maduro for the first time. The band is very well designed and makes for a very attractive cigar, it contrasts well with the dark maduro wrapper. This stick feels hefty and well-built, the wrapper has no veins and smells very good~ hay, cedar and a hint of flowers. The Brazilian leaf wrapper tastes very pleasant and lights easily. Draw is light and effortless with an even burn…

I started drinking Amstel light with this stick in anticipation of the “full-bodied” taste, but found that the Brazilia tasted great without the hopps, I switched to purified iced water instead and felt like it helped to cleanse the palate far better than the beer. The 1st third of this cigar had a definite dark chocolate overtone, with a very pleasant natural tobacco sweetness that I really like. I had this stick and it’s brothers in their cellophane while in the humidor and I think it was slightly too moist, as I needed to warm it up with my lighter to maintain an even burn. for the first couple of inches; after that it burned very evenly and ashed up to 2 inches. Time stood still while smoking this one – I smoked it for 2 hours without even realizing, I really enjoyed the bue/gray smoke and the flavor notes as the cigar progressed from chocolate to cedar and spice flavors. Once I reached about an inch before the band, the madure wrapper began to flake, but it certainly didn’t affect the quality of the smoke. I took this one to the nub and enjoyed a very mellow finish, slight pepper, more cedar and creamy spice that was a pleasant surprise. The aftertaste wasn’t harsh and I wanted to savor the flavor as long as possible. I’ll be getting more of these.

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