Thompson Paso Doble Review

The Hype -“This is Paso Doble and because it’s so good and so affordable, it’s likely to become your next everyday cigar. Now the reason it’s so good is its tobacco. The filler is a pleasing blend of Dominican and Costa Rican, the Central American tobacco that smokes so light and mild. Here it is perfectly matched with the medium bodied Dominican. Together they produce an airy richness rarely found in cigars made anywhere. Combine this blend with the Connecticut-Ecuador wrapper and the result is pure magic. Paso Doble tastes as good as, smokes as good as, but costs much less than better known cigars

The review – “I’m done with flavored cigars for a while. I’m going to stick with good natural tobacco flavors to heal the pain. A friend gave me a 25-pack of Thompson Paso-Doble robusto cigars for Christmas 2007. Knowing that most Thompson house cigars are not the best, I hoped that a good year and a half of aging would help things along. I just got a shipment of CAO Brazilia’s in and had to make room for them in the humidor, so I figured it was time to see if these were any good…

We hosted a barbecue today with a bunch of work friends and some customers, so I figured I’d be a generous host and share the robustos with everyone. It was interesting to get their responses. Most didn’t know the Paso Doble brand, so there were no preconceptions about taste or quality. My office friends who smoke were generally satisfied with the mildness of the smoke and my plumber was the only one who thought it was “too dry”. He knows his stuff, he was quick to remark that there must be Cost Rican tobacco in the filler. He says the Costa Rican adds dryness – I’ll have to do more research into this…

My personal observations – Prelight odor is quite pleasant, with a pleasant alfalfa aroma. The vitola light easily and burned evenly. I was mingling and socializing at the BBQ, so I had the thing lit for about 2 hours, taking occasional puffs. The cigar maintained it’s light very well and didn’t require relighting at all. Initial draw was peppery and a little harsh, but it quickly mellowed out into a generally pleasant smoke. The flavor was consistent right down to the label-point, where it started to get harsh again. Harshness remained all the way to the two-finger point where I finally tossed it into the fire.  Talking to some other brothers of the leaf who’ve tried new Paso Dobles, their experience was quite dissapointing, so I suspect the 17 months of aging must have done the trick.

At a retail value of approximately $2 each, I really can’t complain about these. I certainly wouldn’t smoke one of these on my own during my alone time. If you’re needing to share  at a party and don’t want to unload the good stuff then grab a bundle of these cheap sticks, chuck them in the humidor for at least a year andyou’ll still be a decent host.

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