Acid Blondie Review

The Hype – ” Drew Estate’s Acid Remi line holds within it the cigars most widely desired by Acid aficionados, including the renowned Blondie. Ringed in metallic blue, this line is the careful combination of mild cigar tobaccos deliciously infused with all natural herbs, essential oils and an extra touch of their floral botanicals. These cigars are the smokes of choice for those seeking total relaxation from the daily rigors of life.

The review – Another Drew Estate creation from my Acid Sampler tin. I removed the cello from this one and really enjoyed the aroma; ginger, citrus, jasmine very exotic without smelling artificial. I cut the cap and toasted the foot. There must be a small amount of sugar on this one (like the c-note), since it blisters and crackles around the edges when exposed to the torch. Smoke is light blue/gray and wispy. Smoke aroma is quite pleasant and would be quite socially acceptable around non-smokers.  Draw is effortless and this little petit corona cigar tastes better than most other flavored cigars I’ve had the displeasure of smoking.  Although many say this is a 20 minute smoke, it took me about 45 minutes to run it to the nub. The infused flavor lasted throughout, but got slightly peppery during the final third. I like a cool smoke, so I favor larger ring sizes, but this one didn’t overheat until about 3/4″ from the nub.

I still prefer real cigars and although certain infusions are fun like Tabac Especial, I just can’t take the Blondie seriously. It’s not bad, it’s just not good…I won’t be buying this one again.

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