Rocky Patel The Edge Toro Maduro Review

The hype – “The Edge by Rocky Patel is a full-bodied cigar with a great deal of flavor. The edge is considered to be one of the most robust cigars on the market. With a full-bodied and full-flavored aroma, this cigar is anything but simple. Each cigar is hand rolled in Honduras and passes through thorough quality control process that ensures only the best cigars are put out onto the market. The Edge remains the hottest cigar in the country based on its strength, price point and fresh-from-the-factory box packaging.”

The review – I bought a box of these from at a price that was too good to refuse, and they’ve been sitting in the humidor for the last 6 months beckoning to me. I was a little apprehensive, so so many people say this is a very strong cigar, and Rocky’s “smoke while sitting down” warning didn’t help either. I finally cast caution to the wind and extracted on of these to enjoy with a glass of Guinness. This is certainly a beautiful cigar. The dark wrapper is almost flawless with an oily sheen and distinctive aroma – earthy and aromatic. This one was difficult to light; I might have the humidity a little too high in the humidor it was in. Once lit, it emitted billowing blue/gray clouds of smoke that smelled good, but had a hint of turpentine to them. The draw was a little tight on this one, but nor unreasonable at all.

Flavor profile is peppery and slightly bitter with a definite espresso aftertaste that is quite pleasant. After about an inch, the turpentine aroma intensified and my palate was assaulted with a petroleum aftertaste that I didn’t enjoy at all. This went on for about 10 minutes and I chucked it in disgust. I’ll try another on tomorrow and see if this is a fluke.

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