La Gloria Cubana Wavell Robusto Review

The hype “Full, rich, creamy and strong. Ernesto Carillo knows his craft well. When it comes to full-bodied, well-constructed cigars, La Gloria Cubana has a great reputation. La Gloria Cubanas offer a delicious balance of Brazilian, Dominican, Mexican, and Nicaraguan filler, together with a dark Ecuadorian wrapper. The La Gloria Cubana Serie R utilizes an Ecuadorian grown Colorado shade wrapper, or Connecticut Broadleaf maduro, concealing an extensively aged blend of Mexican, Dominican, Brazilian, and Nicaraguan filler leaves. The result is a richer, spicier, fuller bodied version of the regular La Gloria Cubana line. Using thicker ring gauges, the Serie R helped pave the way for today’s thicker, bolder cigars.”

The review – This is a darker robusto cigar. The brand has a very good reputation, with this vitrola classified as a full-bodied smoke. Prelight aroma was almost completely neutral, there was a barely discernable odor of grass, but nothing else. The cap tastes like tobacco with no additional flavor. Lighting this cigar is very easy and it burns uniformly. Ash is a light gray/white. First puff is slightly harsh with a hint of bitterness. Flavor mellows to tobacco, toast and leather after a few puffs. Smoke is light gray to blue and is not particularly voluminous. Draw is completely effortless (one of the big reasons I like the robusto profile so much). There is a hint of pepper in the aftertaste. Drinking reverse osmosis purified water to cleanse the palate realy helps to bring out the flavor of this one. Slight spice approaching the end of the 1st third. Into the second third, the spice intensifies and the smoke changes in profile. This certainly smells like a classy smoke…Very gentle tingle on the tongue through the middle of the cigar with toast and spice predominating the flavor profile. Approaching the last 3rd, the tingle reaches a white pepper creschendo and the initial bitterness returns for a slightly harsh finish. At $4 – $6 per stick at retail, this isn’t one I’d recommend as a primo smoke, but still very good and worth keeping around.

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