Thompson Corojo Cubano Robusto Review

The Hype – “Corojo Cubano is a handmade combination filler cigar in a delicious Corojo wrapper for less than what you’d expect to pay for a machine-made drug store cigar! Yep, that’s right. Read the ingredient list and drool. This handmade cigar is made from a delectable blend of Dominican Piloto Cubano and Olor combination fillers, Dominican binder, and a beautiful and oh-so-rich smoking Honduran Corojo wrapper. The effect is nothing short of mesmerizing.

No, our supply of Corojo Cubano didn’t fall off a truck. Let’s just say I happened to be in the right place at the right time to take advantage of this special deal, and the best part is I get to pass the saving on to you.”

The review – I try not to be a cigar snob, but I’ve been burned by Thomson before. So I went into this review with some trepidation while trying to be objective and open-minded…

The cigar is not a well-built as I’d like to see. The covering leaf seems awfully thin and I’m worried it will tear apart. Prelight aroma is very mild alfalfa, quite pleasant. This cigar lights very easily and the first puff is bland but nice. The burn is very uniform and ash is white that flakes way too much and drops off after about 3/4 inch. The cigar actually tastes quite good. Flavor is simple, with leather, coffee, cream and a  hint of spice. I noticed a very gentle tingle of white pepper half-way though, and I smoked it comfortably to the nub without excessive bitterness or harshness.

I’d definitely smoke these again – It’s not a high-end premium cigar, but for the price you can’t do much better.

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