Thompson Cigar – Bagatelle Robusto Review

The hype“Bagatelle is a wonderful example of the art of the Dominican hand roller. They start with a super delicious blend of double-aged San Vicente Olor fillers and binders. When a manufacturer is serious about the taste of his smoke, he gives the binder serious consideration. This combination of long fillers and mild-tasting binders is topped off with a magnificent Sumatra wrapper. Under different labels, Bagatelle is the exact same cigar that brings $3 to $4 in stores. You’ll likely find Bagatelle virtually indiscernible from cigars for which you’re accustomed to paying much more.”

The ReviewI try to always let my palate guide me when reviewing a cigar. I don’t care if it was free, or cost me $100/stick; all I care about is flavor. This Bagatelle was free to me, but I still treated it well and allowed it to rest in my humidor for over a year to help it mature. The cigar feels good in hand and has a comfortable weight to it. Firm with a little give it looks and feels like a well-made smoke. Prelight aroma is pleasant with a hint of barnyard and clover. I punched the cigar, toasted it and then lit it. The cigar produced a voluminous cloud of very pleasant gray smoke and I took my first puff…First draw was rough and bitter. After a few puffs, the flavor mellowed and reminded me a little of a CAO gold. Draw was a little tight, but not unreasonable. Ash was loose gray and slightly uneven, The first third was enjoyable, but after that the stick took a dramatic turn for the worse. Bitter aftertaste, acrid smoke and strange odors permeated. I blew through it, let it rest for a minute and tried again…Still horrible. I gave up on this one and tossed it. Very disappointing experience, but I guess I can’t complain for the price.

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  • John Parker says:

    If you often find cigars becoming harsh after the first third, GET A CIGAR CUTTER! A punch concentrates the smoke around the hole, forcing bitter tastes to build up.

  • AndyMalcolm says:

    I vacillate backwards and forwards on punch -vs- cutter since I like concentrating the flavors to one spot in my mouth, but your comment definitely has merit. Perhaps I’ll have to smoke one with cut and one with punched end? – Good excuse to smoke twice 🙂

  • Reinaldo Sales says:

    I liked the flavor and even burn with my second bundle of 20 Bagatelle robustos. I enjoyed the cigar and keep a stash of them as my everyday kick back smoke. I use a cutter and have no complaints.

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