Travel Herf-a-Dor by Humi-Care – Killing the odor

The Travel Herf-a-Dor by Humi-Care is a great product. It is completely waterproof, crush-proof and compact, allowing you to transport 5 Churchill-length cigars with ease.

I like this humidor, but there is one HUGE problem – it stinks! The humidor has a stench of plastic that permeates the foam. I tried leaving it in the sun for a day, I filled it with baking soda, I placed activated carbon in it; all to no avail.

Finally, out of desperation I filled it with 5 CAO Moontrance cigars and left it on the rear shelf of the Jaguar for a week. That certainly did the trick – there is no longer a plastic odor, just a very pleasant tobacco scent with hints of vanilla – most pleasant indeed.

I now take this humidor everywhere with me and always keep it stocked with a few of my favorite vitolas.

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