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The Hype: Ayala’s Herbal Water just got a little boost! Enjoy the smooth and refreshing herbal taste you love now enhanced with the sparkle and flutter of delicate bubbles in a 750ml elegant glass bottle. Bring on the sparkle… Buy a Sparkling Sampler Pack and experience three of our classic blends lightly carbonated for a pleasant sparkle.

Sparkling Lemongrass Mint Vanilla

Discover refreshment anew! A flood of gentle bubbles opens your palate to the cool kiss of spearmint, the citrusy zing of lemongrass, and the deep sweetness of vanilla. Drink it midday for a rejuvenating lift on life, and try it with all your favorite foods. This blend naturally complements East Asian cuisine and pairs well with Mediterranean fare.

Sparkling Cinnamon Orange Peel

Get your dose of sparkling sunshine! The citrusy-cinnamon medley comes to life in warm bursts of cinnamon and bright orange notes. It’s perfect all by itself and suits a variety of foods, especially spicy cuisines like Tex-Mex, traditional Mexican, and Indian.

Sparkling Ginger Lemon Peel

Try a bit of spritz and spice for your drinking delight! Enjoy the rush of spicy ginger and zesty lemon activating your taste buds bubble by bubble. This blend is a natural choice for sushi and other Japanese and Chinese dishes, and with a light lemony taste, it suits custards, pies, and other sweet-treats, too. Set a place for natural elegance … Whether it’s white linen or red gingham, there’s always room for Sparkling Ayala’s Herbal Water. A beautiful, frosted glass bottle and the refreshing aroma of culinary herbs create tabletop harmony for any meal.” The Review: I tasted the Sparkling Ginger Peel version at a friend’s house in Denver last week over a sushi dinner. Once I returned home, I ordered a couple of sampler packs to try all their flavors. Sparkling Ginger Lemon Peel is very subtle but the ginger flavor is definitely “there”, creating a great mouth-feel and making for a very refreshing drink that quickly cleanses the palate. Cinnamon Orange Peel is somewhat underwhelming. It tastes like someone left cinnamon stick overnight in a bottle of club soda. The “orange peel” tastes a little bland to me. This one was hard for me to drink. I don’t think it is worth $4 per bottle Sparkling Lemongrass Mint Vanilla is certainly different from what one would expect. I really like this one, since it reminds me of India. I enjoyed this with a chicken vindaloo and it rounded out the meal quite spectacularly. Ayala’s flavored waters are good. At $4/bottle, I’ll keep a few cases around but it’s certainly not an everyday drinker for me.

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