Dow’s Trademark Finest Reserve Port review

This purple port epitomizes my vision of a ‘desert’ port. The nose is fruity with a hint of berries and caramel.

Swirling it around, there is a deep ruby body with minor tawny yellowing at the top. First mouthful is tannic and sweet without being cloying. Holding a mouthful draws in the cheeks without being completely astringent. The alcohol is there, but nicely balanced by the fruit and adds to the exciting mouthfeel.

Nosing this port further after a few mouthfuls and allowing it to warm in the snifter, it begins to exhibit a strawberry odor with a hint of banana and pears.

Continuing to drink I find even more fruitiness with a currant undertone; even hints of tobacco and leather…this would go very well with a CAO Brazilia anaconda. – Delicious!

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