Monchshof schwarzbier

Monschoff is one of the oldest beer brewing institutions in the world. Their Schwarzbier is one of my all-time favorites to enjoy at any time of year. This black beer looks like a stout, but it certainly doesn’t taste like one. This beer comes in a beautiful heavy bottle with old-school wire-tied cap. It definitely exudes old-world charm.

Opening the bottle unleashes a yeasty cocoa aroma with hints of coffee. The beer pours well with a deep dark color and medium foam. The first sip is yeasty without being overpowering…slightly fruity, but restrained. The mouthfeel of this beer isn’t as cloying as some other dark beers, it is much more refreshing, and crisper than you would expect.

I like this beer, in fact, I almost love it…Guinness still remains my favorite; but this is certainly a close second.

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