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The hype: Bobsled Brown is patterned as an American-style Brown Ale with a roasted malt undertone and the generous use of American-grown Willamette hops. This is one beer to be sure not to miss!

The review: When I’m in Salt Lake City, I enjoy visiting Squatters Brewpub and having a beer with friends or even visiting over diet Pepsi with my teetotalling Mormon friends. I enjoy most of the Squatters brews, especially their rauchbier and heffeweizen. I noticed and bought one of these at a little store in Phoenix today. I presume this has now been moved from the Squatters brand to Wasatch with their little merger/alliance that they’re doing. Bottle is pretty and packaging is inviting. Opening this produced an aroma of fresh bread dough with a hint of sourness. Pour was heady and dark amber. First sip was akin to burnt coffee with an oily aftertaste. Continuing to drink was an exercise in futility as it seemed to get worse with each sip.  I finally resigned this gastronomic assault after consuming half a glass. What a disappointment indeed.

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