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“The unique Cigar Oasis XL is a small electronic humidifier that is fully automatic. Just plug it in using a paper thin power cord that fits between the hinges on the back of the humidor, or connect the optional battery pack and it’s ready to go. The integral hygrometer displays the humidity in the humidor and also is used to set the controls point which is factory set at 70% RH, but can be adjusted to your own personal taste.

The Cigar Oasis XL

The Cigar Oasis XL

The unit comes with a refillable, replaceable water cartridge that will last up to one year before it needs water, depending on how often the humidor is opened. The Cigar Oasis XL has a built in system, which accurately monitors the humidity and uses a quiet fan to filter and circulate the air in the humidor eliminating “musty” odors so common in well-sealed humidors. Cigar Oasis XL is designed to always keep your cigars fresh.

I bought this handy little humidifier to help maintain humidity in my cabinet humidor.

I keep about 300 cigars in this cabinet and I’ve been concerned that my humidity levels aren’t uniform throughout. I’d read about using a fan, but had hadn’t done it yet.

I ordered a few extra hygrometers and stuck them at the top, middle and bottom of the humidifier and let things sit for 72- hours.

In this 8 cubic foot cabinet that I’ve been trying to keep at 65% using heartfelt beads, my calibrated hygrometers showed the following humidity data:

Upper: 58%


Lower: 69%

Front Door:65%

So…the existing method was clearly not doing a good job.

I unboxed the Oasis XL and filled the reservoir with reverse osmosis purified water, attached the battery-pack and placed it centrally on the bottom of the humidor. I set the humidity to 65% and walked away from my babies for another 72 hours.

After 72-hours, my humidity data was:



Lower: 66%

Front Door:65%

I like this little humidifier. It obviously is doing a good job of moving air around and seems to be able to act as a reliable humidity control mechanism. My heartfelt beads are still in the humidor so they’re obviously contributing to the overall scheme, but the oasis is rounding things out nicely.

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